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These systems lower energy consumption and co$ts during heating cycles by 25 to 50 Percent and during cooling cycles by 25 to 30 percent. This Means Less Bills!

Green Technologies


These techniques minimize impact on our environment and save you Money!

Green Technologies


Eliminates the need for copper! Expands and contracts with cooling temperatures! Also, Eliminates cracked copper pipes during the cold winter season!

Green Technologies

From the beginning we "site" your home in order to minimize the impact on our environment; such as house and window placement and sunlight penetration while capturing  YOUR vision. Below is a list of many ways Pinnacle Design Works integrates "Green" Environmentally Friendly methods into the creation and design of your next dream home!

  • Lot specific Planning and Design for each and every project.
  • We Recycle and Implement materials captured from your land.
  • Our countertops, floors, and windows can be manufactured from reclaimed products. Construction materials, such as bricks and insulation, can also have a very small carbon footprint if made from recycled materials.
  • We incorporate Engineered and Recaptured products when possible while increases strength and minimizes environmental impact. There are now a number of new building products that are easier to manufacture, easier to make and easier to put in place than traditional bricks. They are lighter and provide better insulation. Many combine two different materials, often foam and concrete, and have a strong interior structure to make up for their lack of solidity.
  • We offer Recommendations and Designs for different systems including convection ventilation by properly insulating the home and then establishing a single airflow.  Outgoing air is already heated by the house then passes in close proximity to the incoming air through a “Heat Exchanger” and transfers some of its heat to the colder outside air.
  • We Offer Recycled Metal Roofing, to enhance the look of your home, while dramatically extending longevity.
  • Our Company Offers the latest in GEOTHERMAL HVAC technology to every client. Both closed and open loop systems.
  • Pinnacle Design Works offers Pex Tubing in each home to minimize upkeep and maximize longevity. 
  • We also offer High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water on Demand  Systems.
  • We use the finest in Professional lighting design options available for every home.
  • By properly insulating walls and ceilings we can greatly reduce energy use in a home by increasing  Thermal mass.
  • Our Decks and Outdoor areas designed to maximize your seasonal enjoyment.
  • We encourage Smart Home Technology and Smart Wiring Technologies.
  • Lower Your Monthly Bills & Yearly Expenses Due to Green Innovations & Technologies
  • Pinnacle Design Works, LLC Incorporates the latest in Geothermal HVAC to minimize any negative effect on the environment and lowers energy costs.

Pinnacle Design Works Never Ceases to Amaze!

Conscienscious Growth Is Possible

Their technical knowledge of Green Innovations and Environmentally sound techniques has been learned through their many experiences "In" and "Off Site". Due to their popularity in the Poconos Mountains, they have been asked to implement many "Green Technologies" for their new and existing clients. Also, their environmentally friendly techniques have been implemented by many other Poconos Organizations.

When you choose a company like Pinnacle Design Works you are making a decision to that has a positive effect on our eco-system locally and internationally. After all we all share the same air and resources with the rest of the earth, and hopefully together "WE" can make a difference in the way people build and face new challenges as we try to help each other by incorporating methods that are not as un harmful as possible.

All Of Our Team at Pinnacle Design Works, LLC Are Passionate about Conscientious Growth being Possible. Therefore, we offer all the amenities that coincide with "Green" Environmentally Friendly and Ecological Building Techniques.
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